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Crypto de Suisse has attempted to write this risk disclosure statement in plain English so that you have a good understanding of the risks of trading on Crypto de Suisse Internet-based, direct access, derivatives trading system and the risks in trading the instruments offered on Crypto de Suisse. However, no matter how plain this statement is, it and the other information provided by Crypto de Suisse in its Rules, Membership Agreement and Terms of Use cannot disclose all potential risks and considerations related to derivatives trading. Therefore, you should only trade on Crypto de Suisse if you understand the nature of the transactions you are entering into and your exposure to risk. Trading in derivatives is simply not appropriate for many members of the public, and you should carefully consider whether trading derivatives is appropriate for you given your experience, objectives, financial resources, and other relevant circumstances. There are numerous risks associated not only with the derivatives contracts traded through Crypto de Suisse but also with the trading system itself. Moreover, because Crypto de Suisse allows direct participation by you, you must ensure that you carefully read and understand this Risk Disclosure Statement.

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